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COSRX Full Fit Propolis Light Ampoule 40mL

COSRX Full Fit Propolis Light Ampoule 40mL

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Why we love it

The Full Fit Propolis Light Ampoule is a honey-luminous, moist ampoule that absorbs quickly and leaves a layer of moisture behind.
It is an ampoule that softens the outside while moistening the inside.
In clinical trials, the external moisture content was increased by 2.68 times with just one application, and the moisture content was increased by 12.86%.
To avoid irritation, a skin irritation test was performed.
The product retains its freshness after application, has a non-oily, dense formulation that reduces the stickiness that is unique to propolis, is quickly absorbed, does not slip even when makeup is applied, and emits a radiance.
In the satisfaction survey evaluation after using the product, all of the people who used it were satisfied with the results of immediate hydration, mild feeling without irritation, the makeup seems to go well, and all of the people who used it were willing to recommend it to others.
According to real reviews, the rich nutritional power has been a consistent seller for 8 years, it doesn't dry out quickly, so no need to worry about smudging makeup, and the cost-effectiveness was far superior to any department store brand.

Featured ingredients

It is possible to provide strong radiance, moisture, and nutrition care, as well as present stronger energy to the skin, with 83% of black bee propolis, which come from black bees that live in a barren and harsh environment and have stronger vitality than normal bees.
It is safe to use and contains no artificial color or fragrance.

How to use

At the essence / ampoule stage, apply an appropriate amount to the skin, evenly spread it, and lightly pat it for absorption.
By combining a drop of the ampoule with a makeup base or foundation, it can be used as a brilliance booster.
To use as an ampoule pack, wet a cotton pad and place it on the irritated skin.

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