About HARU

The Hallyu Wave is a phenomenon as we all know. It has no borders and it will keep spreading it's wings across the planet. Is Africa left out of the scene as always? Not this time. K-Pop is global.

Anytime, I wanted to order an album or merch, I would go to Amazon to order and always ended up paying a hefty fee for shipping and customs. I also know a few people in the same situation. So, one day, I had an epiphany (no, not BTS) and thought of a way to get these albums cheaper for me and my friends. Little did I know that we were 1% of the people who loved K-POP in Nigeria.

And thus, HARU was born. We want to represent K-POP in Africa. Your first stop for anything K-Pop in Nigeria and Africa. One thing that fueled our mission was my last trip to Korea when I ran into an idol in a club at Itaewon. Trust me, I didn't believe he was the one until my friend mentioned it. I was lucky enough to have a short chat with him (thanks to my fluency in Korean because that would have ended after one second), I told him to perform with his group in Nigeria or Africa one day. He was shocked because he didn't think anyone in Africa knew him and I laughed, 'You have no idea.'

Let's make HARU great.