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GOODAL Calming Moisture Sun Cream 50mL

GOODAL Calming Moisture Sun Cream 50mL

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Why we love it

For sensitive skins: This vegan hydrating cream-type sunscreen with gentle finish offers intensive skin calming effect to create moist and supple skin while offering mild application to even the most sensitive skins.
Light and moist: This moisturizing sunscreen applies on skin like hydrating cream that is quickly absorbed to skin without leaving sticky sensations and is coral-safe.
Powerful sun protection with SPF50+ PA++++ UV block rating proven in clinical test

Featured ingredients

Eco-friendly: Passed ZERO Benzopenon-3 and Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate for coral-safety so that you can protect your skin from UV lights without the guilt of harming reef and ocean lives.
Vegan: Vegan sunscreen that uses no animal-derived ingredients but only plant-derived ingredients for extra mildness on your sensitive skins and healthier effects that will soothe and calm fatigued skins.
Contains Houttunynica cordata for skin soothing effects to offers a milder and gentler application and create radiant and moisture-packed skin.
Soothes skin by 29.36% from UV irritation to keep your skin calm and even.

How to use

1. Take a moderate amount at the end of the skincare routine and before going outside.
2. Apply evenly on face and pat to let it be absorbed.

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